Program Browser


Fathom contains over a 100 factory programs, and 100 waveforms, to demonstrate all the features and sound capabilities of the instrument.

We are against the concept of sound banks, so all our factory presets can be viewed in a single scrollable list and can be previewed with full audio, without losing your current program.

Having trouble organizing the programs in your current synth?

All our programs have editable fields, including Category, Name, Author as well as an extra Comment field into which you can type anything you want. The list can then be ordered using any of the columns.

Our program browser targets a normal windows folder. None of our programs, or yours, are hidden or mysteriously locked away.

You can also organize all your programs into subfolders and then tell the synth to browse the programs creating one list from all the subfolders.




The primary difference between our waveform library and that of most synthesizers is that each of our waveforms can be edited.

All our waveforms were literally hand-made. When you load one of our factory waveforms you can make changes to it using the exact same tool that was used to create it.

When you step through the waveforms, each waveform is displayed graphically and you preview the audio of the current oscillator using that waveform, with the current number of partials, without losing your current program.