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Please read this section carefully before purchasing our product.

We list here some features which our synth does yet not have.

We think you have the right to know exactly how Fathom will compare to the synth you are using now before you buy it, not after.

Plugin Format

Fathom is currently available only as a VST Plugin for Windows 32 and 64 Bit systems.


This is a brand new product and there is a high probability of software bugs.

We do everything we can to prevent this. Our test plan is well over 100 pages and takes a full week for one person to execute. We run this currently on both Ableton and Cubase.

We cannot, however, test every possible situation or combination of parameters, so we anticipate that for the first couple of months our customers will find issues which we have not.

Save your work often!

It is not recommended that you make program edits during live performances.

Real Time Efficiency

Fathom is not an efficient synth.

Sound quality comes at a price, which is CPU time. Fully modular signal flow, per sample modulations, as well as dynamic oscillations in the detune page all come the cost of CPU cycles.

That being said, we’ve taken steps to achieve maximum efficiency given these features.

This includes pre-buffering all modulations and waveforms, and of course fine tuning every line of code in the audio path.

We also mitigate the real-time impact of having fully modular signal flow. Fathom is smart enough to detect when you are using only serial connections. In this case sample blocks are passed by reference between audio components and not copied, except when the output of an object is split to more than one target.

No Vector Processing

Our audio code is not currently vectorized, meaning that we are not currently using any parallel processing instructions built into the modern Intel processors in order to render multiple polyphonic voices.

As soon as we can, we plan on moving to the Intel C++ compiler and using vectorized SIMD instructions for all audio processing. This is planned for later in 2017.

No Arpeggiator

We do not yet provide a dedicated Arpeggiator.

That being said, you can modulate the octave pitch on any oscillator with our sequencer and set the amplitude steps to 12 or 24, which enables you to effectively achieve virtually any arpeggiator sequence. An arpeggiator is also high on our list for 2017.

No Double Modulation

We do not yet provide modulation of modulation parameters, such as LFO or Envelope periods. This will be implemented sometime in 2017.

No "Exotic" Synthesis

We do not yet provide Granular Synthesis, Spectral Synthesis, String Modeling, or a Sampler.

No User Manual

Fathom is not currently delivered with a user's manual or documentation of any kind.

The tutorial videos cover everything you need to know to get started using Fathom.