detune panel.png

Detuning constitutes the heart of any rich synthesizer sound.

It is surprising that most synthesizers provide detune with no more than three dials, typically the number of voices, the detune amount and finally the stereo width.

Detuning is so important that we devote an entire page to it for each oscillator.

There is more to detuning than simply spacing the frequency between voices. Our detuning algorithm was designed from the ground up with the intention of giving you a truly orchestral sound.

We provide modulation of every possible detune parameter, such as the voice frequency, pan, and relative volume, and this is provided independently for each detuned voice.

Both the detune amount and frequency can be modulated and the speed of modulation itself can be modulated.

This gives you the ability to create your own detune profiles and specifically control the resonant beats making them unpredictable or even inaudible.

We even included a built in Chorus for each detune channel, with modulation of both the chorus volume and chorus time.