KVR Purchase Instructions

Purchasing Fathom directly from our web site’s members or products page is the fastest way to buy. 

However, KVR has been instrumental to the success of our product. So we encourage KVR members to purchase through KVR if they are already familiar with buying products in KVR Marketplace.

KVR Marketplace Steps

Go to the Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth home page on KVR.


Purchase and Download

Under the marketplace sales tag, click on “Buy Now”.

Review your order and hit “Next”.

Scroll down and fill in the Billing Address & Contact Details.

Make sure the email is correct since this is where the download details will be sent.

Make sure the billing address matches your credit card since KVR uses this to validate the purchase. 

Seaweed Audio does not keep any of this information, and hit Next.

Under Card Type select either your card type or select Pay Pal.

Most people use paypal, but it does take longer to process since you must wait for the purchase to clear through paypal.

Click on “Submit Order”.

Wait a few minutes and check your email for the paypal invoice.

Follow the instructions in the email to make sure your paypal account completes the payment. 

This will happen automatically if your paypal balance is already positive or is automatically linked to a payment method.

You will get another email when the purchase is completed successfully. 

Before then you can check on the status of your order in your KVR account page.

Click on My Account.

Select “Marketplace – Purchased Products”.

Under Purchased Products click on View My Orders.

Check the Status Column.

If the purchase is pending the status will be in Red.

When the status is complete it will say “Complete” in green.

If the status is complete click on the KVR#XXXX order number.

Uncer “Downloads”, you will see the Windows zip file.

Click on the zip file and it will be downloaded to your computer.

Be aware that there will be no download link until the purchase is electronically complete.

The original purchase zip file does not require a password.

Version updates directly from the web site do require a password.

To unzip a version update zip file, use the 24 digit license number provided on the orders page listed above. When you attempt to unzip the file, a dialog will appear requesting the password. At this point paste the license number directly into the edit box and extraction of the zip file will be completed.


Click on the download link provided with your order.

After you buy Fathom the first download does not require a password. 

Be sure to keep your confirmation email since it contains a license number which you will need to use later as a password when you unzip version update downloads.


For the easiest installation, simply place the entire Fathom folder in the plugin folder for your host workstation. This folder includes the plugin executable files, preset and waveform folders.

The Fathom folder includes the Windows 32 bit plugin (Fathom32.dll), Windows 64 (Fathom.dll) and a Mac folder with the Mac OSX Audio Units (Fathom.component) and VST (Fathom.vst).

After you download Fathom please read the user guide section 1.2 Installation Quick Start. This very brief section explains how to install the Fathom plugin.