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Reporting Bugs

When you find software bugs please report them to the following email.

You will typically get a response within 24 hours, and a fix within seven days.

You may also make feature requests to this email.


Beta Test Safety Protocol

Protect Your Ears


Software defects which impact audio data can  cause a sudden increase in amplitude from zero to the maximum value recognized by the host work station in the time frame of one sample to the next.

This creates a very sudden high volume wave-front.

In extreme cases this could be harmful to your hearing. 

Our software contains extensive safeguards to prevent this, as do most host work stations, and it has never occurred during our testing.

Nevertheless, since it is theoretically possible, it is best to take some common sense precautions when testing new audio software to avoid dangerous audio levels and protect your hearing.

  1. Never use beta test software in a live venue where a sudden volume surge could harm equipment or pose a danger to listeners in the venue.
  2. When you first start testing a plugin, do not use ear phones at high volume. 
  3. Use studio monitors.
  4. If you must use headphones, turn the physical volume down low while making edits.
  5. Turn the headphone volume back up only after edits are complete.

Reporting Bugs Instructions

Bug Report Direct Email


When reporting bugs to the email, include the word "BUG" (all caps) in the subject line.

If the bug crashed your host, include the words "BUG CRASH" in the subject line.

Include the following information:

  1. Host Digital Audio Workstation.
  2. Recreate Steps.
  3. Attach preset program file.
  4. Ableton Live users attach the Ableton project file (Optional).

Host Digital Audio Workstation

Specify which host you are using when the bug occurred, and the Windows OS.

Recreate Steps

Include, if possible, a complete description of the steps you went through in order for the bug to occur.

The more information you provide the easier it will be for us to recreate and fix the bug.

Attach Program File

After the bug occurs, rename the Fathom Synth program in the very top title bar, and save the program in your User folder.

Make your best attempt to save the preset in the state of the program when the bug occurred.

Then attach the preset program xml file to your bug report email.

Ableton Live Users

This step is optional.

If you are using Ableton Live as your Host, save your host project after the bug occurs.

Then attach the Ableton project file to your bug report email.

If the project includes original music, you can delete all the tracks except the Fathom plugin track which caused the bug.

We do not keep Ableton files after fixing the bug and your project files will never be shared in any way.