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Fathom Wave Table Oscillator

Wave Morphing by Fathom Synth

This song contains 45 tracks of all Fathom except two tracks of acoustic guitar in the chorus, all recorded in a single take with no bounces. The chorus consists of 20 parallel tracks of Fathom.  All effects are Fathom alone. No audio edits or repairs of any kind were performed on the audio export.  

Fathom Factory Preset Demo

All tracks were produced by the Fathom Synth.

Melodic Trance Demo

All tracks produced by Fathom Synth.

The trance song "Cerulean Wheel" created with Fathom Synth.

Break Beat Demo

This electronic dance track features more complex modulations over both house and break beats.  This one is all Fathom except for the drums and acoustic guitar.

Artists and Sound Designers

If you would like to have your work featured on our web site, please send a song created with Fathom.

Audio files less than 25 MB can be emailed to our support directly. Provide a download link if the size is greater. Please also include links to your Sound Cloud or Web Site.