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Fathom contains a modulation system specifically designed to serve the imagination of today’s EDM Sound Designers and DJ’s.

It contains all the modulators you would expect: LFO, ADSR, Multisegment Envelope, Sequencer, Keyboard Tracking and Midi Control.

Envelopes can contain up to 64 segments.

Using the modulation matrix you can connect a single modulator to any number of modulated dials, where each modulation can use a different type, add, subtract, bipolar or multiply.

Unlike most synths, there is no slot limit in the matrix, and because internally Fathom uses a linked list rather than a static array, you can connect as many dial modulations as you want to a single modulator, and conversely as many modulators to a single dial.

The overall modulation range is always shown clearly on the dial itself.

Modulation slats can be dragged up and down, which means that you are not stuck with the order in which they were added. You can change the order as you wish, and it will be there when the program is reloaded.