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User Feature Requests

Feature Priority Guidelines

1) Any bug preventing the plugin from running must halt all other development to be fixed immediately.

2) Anything impacting audio quality always comes before new features.

3) If a lot of people ask for the same thing it gets put at the very top.

4) If something is easy and takes essentially no time it gets done right away in the current release.

5) Related features are sometimes grouped so they can be done together.

Critical Features for Sound Designers

Ability to adjust low frequency content for all oscillators. (Solidtrax)
Ability to adjust high frequency content for all oscillators. (DJErmac P17)
Increase basic waveform partials to 128. (CHOOS P17)
Ability to save, load, copy, paste audio units. (Solidtrax, Scrubbing Monkeys, Babbgr P29)
Init the plugin button (Solidtrax, Goleat P20)
FM oscillator zero alias mode. (Solidtrax)
FM oscillator harmonic frequency interval mode. (Solidtrax)
Warning before overwrite old preset. (Solidtrax)
Easier version update validation. (Musical Gym)

High Priority Performance Features

Real-time graph animation for all oscillator and filter graphs. (RPH, Btayloragent P29)
Wave table graph should animate in real-time for midi input notes. (RPH P29)
All filters should have mix control, keyboard tracking and pan. (XGMode, RPH P20)
All filters move minimum frequency down from 100 to 20. (XGMode, Scrubbing Monkeys)
Increase polyphony from 16 to 32. (Twal, Skyscape)

High Priority Modulation Features

Drawable LFO. (BlackWinny)
Random LFO.  (Ariston)
Ability to modulate LFO and Envelope periods. (XGMode, RPH P20)
Real-time graphical transport play line for envelopes. (Scrubbing Monkeys P29)
Allow any oscillator to function as modulator. (House Party)
Note velocity and after touch as modulators.
Ability to save and load modulators and envelopes. (Scrubbing Monkeys P29)
Ability to modulate individual envelope segment durations. (Scrubbing Monkeys P29)
Increase envelope stages from two to three, attack, loop note on, note off.
Get rid of dial edit stutter by playing current state until pre-calculation is complete. (RPH, Skyscape P17)
Graphically associate modulation slats to the panel dials they modulate. (Synzh, RPH P23)

High Priority Oscillator Features

Velocity dial for all oscillators.  (Scrubbing Monkeys P29)
Flip and mirror all oscillator waveforms. (RPH P26)
Pulse width modulation on all oscillators. (RPH P26)
A way to synchronize detune parameters for all oscillators.  (CHOOS P20)

High Priority Global Features

Global master pitch (Twal, Skyscape) 
Global master velocity. (CHOOS)
Global master detune intensity. (CHOOS P20)

High Priority “Cool” Features

Drawable FIR Filters. (Musical Gym)
Wavedraw "Snap to grid" mode.
Ability to modulate parametric EQ filter parameters? (RPH P29)

High Priority Major Capabilities

SIMD Vector Instructions for all oscillator and modulator buffer pre-calculations.
SIMD Vector Instructions for the primary audio path (will drastically increase polyphony).
Resizable GUI. (Solidtrax, House Party)
Mac OSX Version.
Linux Version. (Urlwolf P20)
Arpeggiator. (Numerous Requests)

Easy Changes

Label wave table browser buttons "Load Waveform" and "Save Waveform" (BlackWinny P21)
Program comments should not be cleared when saving a preset. (RPH)
Single buttons to march through the preset previews. (Numanoid, Babbgr)
Warn if saving a preset will overwrite a previous one (Babbgr P26)
Loaded patch should still be highlighted when returning to the browser. (Goleat P20)
Filter pan knob. (Babbgr P26)


Simple Stereo Delay
Brick Wall Limiter

Important Features

Padsynth (Skyscape)
Resample bounce mode (Totolitot)
Global setting for oscillator de-click.
Ability to click on envelope points and set their coordinates with a manual edit
Ability to modulate wave table pulse width. (mik82 P25)
Preview step forward and back single button for program browser. (Goleat P20)
Audio unit to split left and right stereo to mono channel. (Babbgr P26)
The ability to audition audio units to units already in the signal flow. (Mik_lo P25)
Ability to audition filter types and keep frequency and resonance for mods. (CHOOS P17)
A way to independently detune different frequency bands. (CHOOS P20)
Volume compensation when change partials in spectrum oscillator. (skyscape P17)
Record and playback front panel pad XY knob. (Btayloragent)
Ability to copy and paste waves from one side of the wave table oscillator panel to the other. (RPH P26)