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A Modular Synth for the Perfectionist

Fathom is built for sound designers who find existing plug-ins restrictive in their architecture and are looking for more creative latitude.

The modular signal flow places the entire structure of the instrument the hands of the user. There are no predefined paths within the processor and components can be connected in any combination.

The Audio Processor

Fathom's audio processor took three years to develop. Much of this effort went into the quality of its zero aliasing oscillators and perfect synchronization between its modulators and the host transport.

A powerful two dimensional wave table provides the ability to morph smoothly, both vertically and horizontally, between edited and imported waveforms.  


Fathom’s interface represents a complete reevaluation of how a synthesizer is used. Resizable and meticulously organized, it features control panels that are activated when audio components are selected and expandable views that emphasize the artistic side of sound design.

Waveform Editing

Fathom provides the tools necessary to realize virtually any waveform. This includes a free-hand drawing tablet as well as exponential and Bezier curves. 

The GUI supports waveform editing as an artform with views that expand to fill the entire visage when they are selected.

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Fathom Banner

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