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Private page for Solidtrax sound design.

Check email for unzip password.



The above download is a special debug build with some disabled settings. Removing some of the settings will have negative side effects in the sound quality but temporarily they will help debug the low frequency problem.

Keep Fathom.xml in the same plugin folder as Fathom.dll.

Fathom.xml disables various settings that could case sub low frequency content.

If it works then go into Fathom.xml and gradually enable the settings to isolate the cause.


Today I tested extensively on CuBase and could not find any low frequency content. 

The screen shot below shows the spectrum in CuBase with Fathom playing all oscillators at once!

The spectrum is clean as ice and there is absolutely nothing below 100 Hertz.

However, I did notice a low frequency bump at the start of each note.

Please email me with more details on specifically what you are doing to make this problem happen.

Such as, which oscillators, detune on/off, only when note start or continuous?


Sorry for the delay in getting the Solidtrax features ready. I had to finish the wave table oscillator with all the source code open in 1.0.5.  Relase 1.0.6 changes are listed in the Version Changes page.

Release 1.0.7 next week will be all Solidtrax fixes !


Fathom Spectrum in CuBase All Oscillators

Fathom Spectrum in CuBase All Oscillators