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Version Updates

Version 2.10.7 Released 3/26/18


Please download version updates only if you have already purchased the pro version.

Use the serial number included in your purchase email to unzip the download.

We no longer issue serial numbers unless you first send your email receipt.


Alternate Builds

Starting with version 2.3 Fathom is built for Windows using the “MD” Dynamic Runtime build option.

This option enables the plugin to use MSVCR.DLL and other library files on your Windows system dynamically at runtime rather than statically linking this code into the plugin. This change was made to fix host validation failures.

The following download includes the older MT, Multi-Threaded Statically Linked Build. 

The MT build links the Windows system library code into the plugin.

If the MD build does not validate on your host then try the MT build.

Windows HS Build

The Windows High Speed build has Vector SIMD instructions enabled  for Intel processors, Multi-core processing enabled for Fathom single instances, and the compiler set to maximum speed and inline function expansion.

Vector instructions will not improve the speed during playback because the main sample processing code has not yet been rewritten for vector instructions, but performance during dial movement will be faster because many of the sample table calculation loops can be vectorized.


Windows 10

Fathom built in Windows 10.

Please email support to obtain the Windows 10 build.

Alternate Mac OSX Builds