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Using this synth just for EDM would be a huge waste of its potential.

This is a brilliant concept and implementation of a modular synth with lots of deep control. I love it.

Congratulations on the great progress you have made with Fathom Synth, it is quite a masterpiece and a great addition to the arsenal.

For some reason it seems more straight forward to use than other modular i have tried, maybe its the fact that details are auto-hidden, whereas others blow them in your face directly.

Awesome... bought :tu:

I tried the mono version and it seems easier for modular than others. I like the sound a lot, and the presets are cool. A lot of variety in sound. I really like the pad-like sound to it. It's gui is really, really, nice.  If I were to play with modular this one would be it. It's a great starting point.

Supersaw pads, plucks and leads sound very epic
(Distorted Horizon)

Just downloaded and started to play with mono version. Wow! Will probably get the pro version later tonight. Nice job. Edit: Bought. Seems like the synth is capable of much more than EDM focused projects.
(Musical Gym)

The GUI is quite nice.

Dude your dedication and responsiveness is phenomenal. Thanks so much for this awesome synth. I hesitate to make a request because so far you've been adding features before I know I want them.

A very fine synth with a very promising future! Love the GUI. 

Just wanted to say, that I like the sound of Fathom a lot and I enjoy the sound mangling opportunities!

You're doing a great job, it's fantastic to see such an active development of the Fathom Synth!

I've played with this more and I'm liking it more and more. There are certainly some quirks, but overall I think this has a lot of potential as a sound design tool. I haven't come across a crash yet. Keep up the good work.

Any chance of a 32-bit Windows version?

The new version works great and I really like the new wave table oscillator!
I'm looking forward to future updates, thanks again!

This synth is absolutely fantastic - lovely morphing/moving sounds with the wavetable oscillator. First synth I've bought in ages!

Just bought Fathom - it's absolutely brilliant!

I am so happy with this synth, I can't stop fiddling with it.

This plugin synth is major fun. 

The delay and reverb are good enough to be their own plugins. This is a fantastic product. A glimpse at the future.
(Scrubbing Monkeys)