Fathom allows you to draw your own waveforms.

In the professional version of the plugin, you can export both the raw and band limited versions of your waveforms in wav format.

After that you are free to import them into any other synth or sample editing software that can read a wav file. 

If you are a synth developer yourself you can use Fathom to build your own band limited waveform library.

You can also control as well as modulate the number of partials used to reconstruct the waveform. This means that you can perform subtractive sounding modulations of your waveforms without using a filter.

The Fast Fourier Transform is computed after you make edits, not while the plugin is processing audio. If the Partials dial itself is modulated, the plugin will precalculate an oscillator buffer wave space of 64 waveforms of varying partial density for extrapolation, so that the modulation is perfectly smooth without running the FFT during playback.

This requires extra memory but produces the highest quality modulation.

On the other hand, if you’ve grown to enjoy the sound of aliasing, then you are free to play your waveform’s raw sample data if you chose.

We use a patent pending curve fitting algorithm not found in any other plugin of any kind.

Graphically, the full surface of the interface is used, which provides a massive 1024 by 512 drawing palette.